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mandysaurus_rex's Journal

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  • mandysaurus_rex@livejournal.com
I mainly joined LJ for pokemon.
You probably wont see me post much of anything but pokemon.
If you are curious to know my favorite pokemon you should go look at my journals. There is a list in one of them.

I am a shy person, but love to make friends and to laugh.
The main video games I play are Luna Plus Online (I seriously adore this game, but I know no one in it, so if you have an account and want to do some quests or grinding together PM me and we'll exchange in game names) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to play Borderlands. I am usually playing it a few times a week. Mainly with a friend.
I do love many other games, but those 2 are the ones (besides pokemon of course) that you'll hear me talk about or see me playing most.


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